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The Peatcutter's Croft, Badrallach

Luxury bed and breakfast accommodation in the Scottish Highlands

About Us

"Welcome to Badrallach - population 12”

The Peatcutter's Croft is run by Seori and Pauline Burnett. We are both originally from Glasgow but were lured down south to the bright lights of London where Seori was a professional musician turned architect and Pauline enjoyed many a free party as a magazine editor. After a good few years of living the high life, we planned to take a jaunt around the world, but, on one last climbing trip to the north western highlands, we fell in love all over again with the beauty of the area. Two years of searching for our perfect home followed before we finally found Badrallach and knew instantly that it was 'the one'.

Since arriving here with high hopes but zero experience of life in the country, we’ve surprised even ourselves with what we have achieved. The bed and breakfast has been hugely successful and is rarely unoccupied. Going by our visitors’ book, our guests seem to love our intimate but laid-back approach.

Aside from that, we have become serious crofters. We started off with chickens, who produce the tastiest – and orange-iest – eggs imaginable, and we were hooked on keeping livestock. Pigs were our next challenge and five piglets were duly purchased, housed in a hand-built pig arc, fed a deliciously varied diet and had their bellies stroked for a few months before being ensconsed in the freezer. A small flock of sheep followed and they now graze happily on our 11-acre croft, along with our excitable sheepdog pup who’s still learning the ropes Our fruit and vegetable garden is also a constant source of fresh flavours (and fresh challenges). Oh, and we’re renovating a byre in our spare time.

Seori is a keen hillwalker, cuts all of our peat, and is a general outdoors type, while Pauline is happiest in front of the stove, writing or looking after our three kids.

We know that when you visit Badrallach you'll love it just as much as us …

Seori & Pauline

Sustainable living

"Living off the land - not just on it”

An integral part of living in such a beautiful location is leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Committing our family and hard-won assets to Badrallach is an important contribution to the social fabric and economy of a region which continually requires new blood to sustain a local community with a long-term future. We want to maintain our unique environment so that our guests can get the maximum pleasure out of it during their own hard-earned rest and relaxation.

The long-term aim for ourselves and our business is to become carbon neutral. Our water is sourced from the burn which runs past the house, we cut our own peat for fuel, and the croft is sustained by an extensive fruit and vegetable garden. Other produce is sourced locally and seasonally.

Future development will be to the highest possible ecological standards with all decisions taken with a view to minimising the impact on our environment, employing recycled, natural materials and alternative energy sources.

A sustainable lifestyle is a state of mind as much as a target to be met and, in a climate of increasing awareness, we feel this is the least the local community and our guests will expect from us.

Come to beautiful Badrallach

“Ooh, it's a G-plan cave, a cool blend of rough whitewashed stone and glass. Beside a Norwegian Jotul woodburner are baskets of peat and logs. A Vitra chair by Mario Bellini is covered by a sheepskin throw and sits invitingly beside shelves bearing Scottish titles.”

Sally Shalam, The Guardian, May 2009. To read the full review, visit The Guardian website.

"My favourite place is Badrallach, a hamlet on the northwest coast of Scotland, and a place where - come drizzle, sunshine or fog - I spent every summer holiday during my childhood. It's also, mystifyingly, deserted. Even in August, the mountainous soft-purple coast is one of the most beautiful and unpopulated places I've ever visited ..."

Travel writer Edward Marriott, The Observer's 20 Best-Kept Travel Secrets, October 2007

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